Linggo, Marso 13, 2016

When will Philippine telecom companies stop fooling Filipinos?

Month after month, one registers the one-month unlimited internet service of Smart Communications through their product SMART BRO. The service is dirt poor, it is so slow even for a one-month package and you are not assured that you will get uninterrupted signal for one day. The effective speed that you can use is less than one mega byte.

At times, the speed is just plain 0.

In the beginning there was UNLISURF and you register with the SMS message sent to SMART BRO number 2200 and you get the reply:

1/2 14Jan 19:35: You have successfully registered to Smart Bro Unlisurf 995 valid for 30 days. Php995.00 has been deducted from your load balance.

2/2 Now, enjoy 30 days unlimited surfing for ONLY Php995.00. Just send Unlisurf 995 to 2200.

The bloodthirsty wise guys of SMART Communications suddenly changed their policy. You are supposed to buy unlimited internet service, but only up to a certain limit every day. From the product name UNLISURF, they changed the name to NEW SURFMAX.

1/3 You have successfully registered to the NEW SURFMAX995. Enjoy All day surfing up to 800MB/day. Load is valid for 30 days.

Effectively you don’t have any more unlimited service but you keep paying for the same price for unlimited surfing in the United States where the currency is in US Dollars.

But then not to worry says the sneaky devil Smart Communications you are advised, if you have consumed all your daily 800MB Limit, on top of your monthly package under NEW SURFMAX to just register again for their BIG BYTES so-called promo where Smart Communications says you can avail of unlimited data. That adds salt to the injury.

Rogues Gallery of The Biggest Thieves (of Smart Communications)
Manny Pangilinan
Mon Isberto
Orly Vea
Polly Nazareno

Imagine registering twice for the same service and being blackmailed to pay two times.

Why are these immoral and indecent Manuel V. Pangilinan aka bading, erstwhile communist CPP-NPA-NDF Orlando Vea and sidekick Ramon Isberto, Napoleon L. Nazareno, their bosses at the Salim Group in Indonesia and all the other leaders of Smart Communications so greedy that they cannot provide good enough service and yet keep padding and padding their collections from the consuming public!  They should refrain from this horrendous practice of amassing so much revenue without returning as much to their loyal patrons like us!

Smart Communications should stop picking pockets, robbing people of money. The officials of the National Telecommunications Commission is hereby called to task to stop receiving their salary that comes from us, hardworking citizens of this country if they cannot squelch this blood curdling thirst of Smart Communications for dirty income. Shit!

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  1. The most hateful message from Smart Communications of all time:

    1/8   Hi! You have already consumed 100% of your daily SURFMAX allowance
    2/8   . In line with SURFMAX Usage Guidelines, your surfing connectivity
    3/8   may change until midnight. For all access volume data offers, you
    4/8   can switch to any BIGBYTES by texting BIG to 2200
    5/8   example BIG50 to 2200. Visit to
    6/8   get complete list of Big Bytes packages. To view the service usag
    7/8   e guidelines, please visit Tha
    8/8   nk you. 

    Where in the world will a licensed telco carrier cut off its service, then offer another similar service for another billing? Dear God in Heaven, how could someone so dear as Smart, be so full of Shit!

    And the people of National Telecommunications Commission and Department of Science and Technology, with their palms up asking for alms are the worst and most wretched mendicants in the entire world! WTF!!!

  2. unmitigated padding of revenue from the public is very harmful especially if the service provider does not care about its patrons

  3. The public must do something about it already. Organize and change the situation. The most awful conditions have persisted and pestered us for a long, long time. It's time for a change.