Sabado, Marso 19, 2016

RCBC Can Fire CEO Lorenzo Tan-Maia Dequito

The Senate Investigation into the stealing of United States Dollars Eighty One Million (US$81,000,000) appears to be useless. They have not been able to unearth the true and real facts about how the stealing of the money actually took place. And where is the money now.

The central and key role players Kim Wong, Maia Santos Dequito, Lorenzo Villanueva Tan and other officials of RCBC including those of other banks, the casinos, will never reveal the real truth about the transaction. They will merely keep saving their hides and divert the investigation somewhere else.

Illegal Drugs kingpin Kim Wong
Gained power and notoriety during the time of President Joseph Estrada
 RCBC Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo V. Tan
RCBC Jupiter St. Branch Manager Maia Santos Dequito

The Chairman of the Board, Helen Yuchengco Dee and the rest of the Members of the Board of RCBC can fire CEO Lorenzo Villanueva Tan and Maia Santos Dequito for Criminal Negligence, Ignorance, Greed and Economic Sabotage.

 Amb. Alfonso Yuchengco, RCBC Chairman Emeritus
RCBC Chairperson, Helen Yuchengco Dee

The premise for this dishonorable removal from the rolls of RCBC are as follows:

1. Just because Tan and Kim Wong are good buddies, Tan should still have conducted proper due diligence on the source of the fund that will be transmitted to the Philippines from its foreign origin. In which case, the FINCEN and financial intelligence should have been notified and involved, along with the rest of the verifying authorities in the international banking community - not the least of which is the international anti-money laundering secretariat.

2.  Tan and his subaltern Maia Santos Dequito refused this because they needed to push through with the transaction without any hassle. But it was incumbent upon them to stop the transaction if and when there were irregularities particularly on where the money originated from.

3.  When the transaction was already in progress, Tan and Dequito, withdrew large amounts of money for themselves as manifested by a witness who saw Dequito's car being loaded under her own instructions with no less than Philippine Pesos Twenty Millions (Php20,000,000). Did they include other members of the Board or key officials of the RCBC?  Then they did not implement the stop order from the New York originating bank and the stop request from Bangladesh Central Bank.  How cruel, beastly and stupidly greedy is that?  They knew that shit will hit the fan, but come hell and high waters they proceeded to release the funds. Are they that beholden to criminals?  Dequito was also under instructions to fly away as far and as fast as possible but she was technically accosted, short of being arrested, by officers of the law at the NAIA prior to her flight.

4.  Lorenzo Villanueva Tan and Maia Santos Dequito knew that there were knowledgeable individuals and institutions that could help them. They were even introduced properly to those entities. But they lifted their chins up high, berated those parties and stated in no uncertain terms that they already had the situation under control. How stupid is that?

5.   During the time the transaction was in progress, the CCTV in RCBC Jupiter Branch was reported to be non-functional according to Laurinda Rogero, the RCBC anti-money laundering head. Is this part of the highly criminal modus operandi of Dequito and her boss?

Criminals never know when lightning and thunder will strike. And that they will be the next victims. Like all gamblers, criminals always go into the commission of crime knowing that they will succeed.

The natural law prevailed in this case and Tan and Dequito might go to jail for all we care. But the government must resolve this case and not be a pushover or a whitewasher if it must preserve the image of the country in the international financial community.

The places where the money was delivered to:

Midas Hotel - operated by Lucio, Zaldy Co, Bantug-Benitez, allegedly owned by Mike Arroyo
 Resorts World Manila - operated by Andrew Tan Megaworld but allegedly owned by Mike Arroyo
Solaire Casino - owners based in Macau 

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