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The Greatest Scientist of the Philippines: Dr. Pelagio F. Battung, Jr.

Everyone, let us acclaim and celebrate the first Filipino and the only one out of two achievers in the world to be conferred the Doctorate of Environmental Science by the German Federal Government: DR. PELAGIO F. BATTUNG, JR. It took 13 years for the doctorate to be finally awarded. From Nuclear Scientist to successful Environmental Scientist! Congratulations!

The entire nation is mightily proud of you Doctor.

Your accomplishments are unparalleled in Philippine history except by Rizal and very few others you can most certainly count with the fingers of one hand.

Dr. Battung (middle), wife Lian Battung (right), with friend Frank (left)

Dr. Battung analyzing telecom studies
In a meeting with younger colleagues
The scientist and a young Filipino telecom engineer
The inimitable Pelagio Battung, Jr.

To think that Mr. Al Gore, who is the Devil's own incarnate, and is making mountains of dirty money from the Carbon Fund, "Environment Campaigns", "Climate Change" blitzkreig crusade, called Dr. Battung in his tweet for all the world to see: "The little brown monkey from Asia." The devil will fry for eternity, monkeys or no monkeys. May Al Gore be damned forever together with his ilk for being the biggest idiot ever incarnated from the bottomless pit.

The next time you hear anyone mouthing anything about the Ozone hole in the North Pole, climate change from carbon shit that's Goreism. Otherwise, its also Gorism or Goryism. Just turn away from those people. You might end up in the scary world of the wretched or at the very least, in an institution for mental health.

Al Gore's fear of Dr. Pelagio Battung sprang from his extreme humiliation during a world scientific conference where he proclaimed himself chairman of the proceedings decades ago, when Gore's improbable theories, moronic hypotheses about global warming were proven false by Dr. Battung.

In front of many respected scientists from all around the world, Gore received the greatest embarrassment that he would never forget in his entire life. When he went to Manila, for a speaking engagement at a local Convention Center, again to propagate his idiotic personal beliefs that surprisingly many are too gullible to swallow hook, line and sinker like Hans Sy, a relative of Henry Sy, the owner of SM Shoemart and Sen. Loren Legarda Leviste, among many others vulnerable to Mr. Gore despite his unspeakable personality, the American profilers of Mr. Gore that were at the entrance specifically barred Dr. Battung from entering into the convention area even though the good doctor presented an invitation letter.

Sen. Loren Legarda even intervened and talked to Dr. Battung not to pursue participating in or watching the event. The gory Mr. Gore uses all his power to bar people from being in the same room with him because of his humongous fear that he will be humiliated time and time again.

 Gory Al Gory
Photo Credit: Brenner Brief
Photo credit: Mystere Moonbat
Photo credit: Mystere Moonbat
Photo credit: Mystere Moonbat
Photo credit: Mystere Moonbat
Photo credit: Mystere Moonbat

Currently, Dr. Battung is engaged in telecommunications projects and the popularization of the C-RESULTS energy saver that comes in the form of a card and saves energy up to 40%. The same card was slightly modified to adapt to harnessing scalar energy in the human body, leading to a better state of health. Another use of the energy saver is lowering fuel oil consumption in motor vehicles and other fuel consuming devices or equipment.

Dr. Battung's product is being patronized by many of the leading big corporations in the country today.

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