Miyerkules, Oktubre 15, 2014

Start uprooting the rotten banana tree

There is no better opportunity to uproot the bad banana tree that is the present oppressive regime than now.

Time has come to stop complaining about how awful our so-called Filipino race is.  We all know who is causing the trouble.  The only thing that we need to do is to act as one and link hands to form a really powerful front.

The trillions of pesos the regime is stealing from the coffers, thanks to a well self-trained former hungry-as-a-wolf budget chief and unscrupulous finance head of the greatest thief of them all - the leader of the regime, is all a great waste.  When all that money could feed a lot of our fellowmen in the poor sector and build and support roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, barangay clinics, provide jobs and livelihood, create a small dent at least in the brain drain among many other benefits, we are allowing these resources to be stolen right in front of our face.

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Let us all be creative and participate in actions to expose the excessive corruption of this regime.  All they have done is to create hype in the atmosphere to pretend to the world they are doing something but behind everything they are stealing massive amounts of money that belongs to the people.  Angry exhorting of each of the foolish Cabinet to report a case filed on supposed corruption of a rival political party member is the regular scene in Malacanang Cabinet Meetings. They are not working. The real work is in the trading of loot and actual stealing of the funds.

There is no second to waste. It will be for our own children and their children and the young ones waiting to be born after them. If we do not move, it will be on all our consciences.  We cannot, we should not further permit the downward spiral into which our beloved nation is being dragged into.

Whatever its faults, we all love this country however some of our young and not-so-young are prolific enough to malign the beloved Philippines.

We may change the name later of our country to something less degrading than a name taken after a syphillitic king, oppressor, ruthless mass murderer from Spain.  But for now, let us stick to the agenda of removing the cancer from the bowels of our country: the hated nonoy lameduck thief aquino the turd.

It's time for a power switch.  God Bless Us All!!!

Tacloban City, Philippines.