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Start uprooting the rotten banana tree

There is no better opportunity to uproot the bad banana tree that is the present oppressive regime than now.

Time has come to stop complaining about how awful our so-called Filipino race is.  We all know who is causing the trouble.  The only thing that we need to do is to act as one and link hands to form a really powerful front.

The trillions of pesos the regime is stealing from the coffers, thanks to a well self-trained former hungry-as-a-wolf budget chief and unscrupulous finance head of the greatest thief of them all - the leader of the regime, is all a great waste.  When all that money could feed a lot of our fellowmen in the poor sector and build and support roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, barangay clinics, provide jobs and livelihood, create a small dent at least in the brain drain among many other benefits, we are allowing these resources to be stolen right in front of our face.

Inquirer Photo

Let us all be creative and participate in actions to expose the excessive corruption of this regime.  All they have done is to create hype in the atmosphere to pretend to the world they are doing something but behind everything they are stealing massive amounts of money that belongs to the people.  Angry exhorting of each of the foolish Cabinet to report a case filed on supposed corruption of a rival political party member is the regular scene in Malacanang Cabinet Meetings. They are not working. The real work is in the trading of loot and actual stealing of the funds.

There is no second to waste. It will be for our own children and their children and the young ones waiting to be born after them. If we do not move, it will be on all our consciences.  We cannot, we should not further permit the downward spiral into which our beloved nation is being dragged into.

Whatever its faults, we all love this country however some of our young and not-so-young are prolific enough to malign the beloved Philippines.

We may change the name later of our country to something less degrading than a name taken after a syphillitic king, oppressor, ruthless mass murderer from Spain.  But for now, let us stick to the agenda of removing the cancer from the bowels of our country: the hated nonoy lameduck thief aquino the turd.

It's time for a power switch.  God Bless Us All!!!

Tacloban City, Philippines.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 17, 2014

Metro Rail Accidents and other future mishaps

The solution to the metro rail accidents and the gigantic traffic jam affecting Manila and nearby locales is a pipe dream. The decrepit mass transit system will stay the way it is, despite the fact that the Philippine public sector brags about purchasing the MRT transport utility for more than One Billion Two Hundred Million United States Dollars (US$1.2 B) using taxpayers’ money.

On the other hand, the media hype and the traffic drama arising from the so-called overstocking of container vans in Manila is just that: part of a telenovela.

The elite and finest Manila Police District alone, all on its very own, can solve the problem about the so-called crisis that took the entire government months and weeks and too many conferences, overt and cloaked, to solve.

It is a simple problem, ask the Manila Police that holds the time-honored distinction of being almost all of Asia’s silent university for solving traffic management problems or any other traffic-related concerns – were it not for the hidden intentions to prolong the bull shit about over stocking and causing single vehicle stalls that create 5-hour or more traffic jams unheard of in the history of this country. Just because of a simple 1-truck stalling incident. Not particularly defensible nor justifiable at all, Your Honors.

Supposedly a gargantuan problem besets the Philippine Mass Rail Transit system that is one of the sectors dominantly held and controlled by foreign interests.

What does Anglo-Philippine Holdings mean to you? To the average rail commuter? What does MRTHI mean to any of us? Or the banks LBP? DBP? Nothing, obviously, except that they own 100 percent of the Metro Rail. On the other hand, the government now completely owns and runs the Light Rail Transit – that is no longer in private hands.

These entities Anglo-Philippine Holdings, Metro Rail Transit Holdings, Land Bank of the Philippines, Development Bank of the Philippines and other closely linked institutions determine the life of every commuter that steps on board an MRT coach.

For those injured in the recent MRT mishap at the Pasay Terminal, look for the people behind Anglo-Philippine Holdings, Metro Rail Transit Holdings, Land Bank of the Philippines, Development Bank of the Philippines, et al to sue. With the incumbent regime officials on their side, taking their defense while at the same time stabbing their backs.

So now the government is ending the back-stabbing and the enormous shame that goes with it and claim the MRT as a public sector asset. Remember what they say when a utility is in public sector hands? Its transactions will reek of corruption so the government determines to unfollow and unfriend the model of U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Europe and others in privatizing government assets.

The regime of the late Madam Corazon Aquino started the privatization frenzy in the Philippines. This was followed by the succeeding Philippine presidents since and now Mr. Aquino wants to buy back the debt to Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC), a subsidiary of Metro Rail Transit Holdings (MRTH) which in turn is co-owned by Anglo-Philippine Holdings also peculiarly known as the APO.

What is in store for the MRT riding commuter? More accidents? Real to goodness mass casualty incident where a train smashes through a throng of vehicles and people involving no less than fifty to a hundred dead and two, three hundred injured?

And all because you can’t buy newer more functional coaches, ride more people, allow unsafe buses, jeepneys and shuttle vans to dominate the transport system.

Buses are no longer allowed in city streets in Metro Manila.
But lobby money keeps flowing and they continue to terrorize
the streets of Metro Manila with abandon threatening to kill
at any time with the government always looking the other way.

Contract fare Mini Van Shuttle figures in accident.
Too many of these utility vehicles are not even licensed
to navigate the streets of Metro Manila or the suburbs.

Train rams jeepney. This should not happen if jeepneys are plying routes
outside of Metro Manila busy thoroughfares and railway routes.

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Sabado, Agosto 2, 2014

We have the Power. We will Overcome!

The people are tired of living under the very dark aegis of the current regime. It appears as though a cloud of evil enveloped the country.

From the onset, weird things were happening under the disguise of "reviewing contracts," therefore there was a complete cessation of public spending.

No projects were being started or continued, everything came to a halt. Other rationalizations came in the form of: "We have no money, the previous administration spent it all, and advanced budget allocations ahead of time..." and so on and so forth. But nobody believes this canard. Because it started to show in the burgeoning national budget despite that there was no spending being made.

The funds for mysterious utilizations like the dole-outs called conditional cash tranfers or CCT, Development Acceleration Program - DAP, among many other diabolically ingenious money-grubbing schemes by the national leadership, ballooned into mind-boggling size that the hunger for money of these creatures becomes clearly, shockingly unbelievable.

Where do they get the gumption and gutzpah to engineer such thievery of the people's money? It cannot be because of telephone and mobile cellular conversations with pastors, Cardinals nor the Pope himself. Because such horrific, sinister schemes speak only of the work of the darkest elements and the malevolent so-called laman-lupa.

To make it worse much further, this administration was not only lazy, it was insane. The regime was both psychologically and somatically impaired. The disease it suffered was incurable, irreparable.

When everyone noticed that Malacañang was never holding any Cabinet Meetings at all (inpossible for any administration anywhere in the world - but the minions were all in agreement and enjoyed traipsing and gathering money all over town) it pretended to hold such meetings. Yet no meetings took place. The supposed leader dictated terms of endearment on how to tastefully, very slowly kill the regime's enemies. The great idiotic leader cajoled them into filing cases before the artificial pretend cabinet meetings. When the pretend meetings came, he cajoled them further, over and over again like a decrepit record player - but this one spewed saliva all around.

This filing of cases - even one against Philippine and World Champion boxer Manny Pacquiao was all part of a masquerade borne of a depraved and diabolic mind.

However, it will be near to impossible for these cold hearted and dark spirited creatures to win in any situation, for always crime does not pay.

The rule of law always prevails. Even in the situation of powerful banksters ruling the global economy, where they hold sway over all of us small people - the citizens of the world - the tides are already shifting. Soon as not, these fiendish ogres will ultimately get what they deserve: the wrath of the People.

No matter how heinous and nefarious the capability of these wicked few in society now lording it over the public coffers and wielding power over the seemingly helpless Philippine society and people, they cannot triumph.

Even the Secretary General of the United Nations himself was shamed into visiting Tacloban City after all the members of the world community of nations admitted to the fact that the entire league of governments, including that of Aquino's quisling regime have failed a small chartered city in Eastern Visayas and embarrased itself in the bar of international public opinion.

Whatever the U.N. will say to the contrary, if ever, has no use, because the entire world population has spoken: everyone, to the exception of no one, failed the victims of Yolanda. And after all, Mr. Ban Ki Moon like Aquino, is not perfect and absolutely as adequate as unselfish saints and prophets and will not attempt to rationalize the situation nor draw flak any further than he already has.

So now we go into the scenario where we have all been lied to with thorough impunity from the Quirino Grandstand fiasco, to the Zamboanga Siege, the Malaysia farce invasion engineered behind the scenes, and all the other violent, harmful conundrum that the pitiful country has been drawn into by these tyrant monsters.

The situation is thus:

Someone is painfully doing everything very hard to delete a sin in his heart kept for a long time, diluted by substances and chemicals known and unknown, all the sudden staring into empty space, all the impulse to be alone to smoke and smoke and shoot with guns. But the sin will not go away. Instead the sinner will have to go somewhere and leave the place where he does not deserve to be at all.

It has something to do with the death of a very young female inside a car that was caught during a running gun battle between soldiers from the Reform the Armed Forces Movement involved in a coup d' etat in the late 1980s and those defending the government. Her date promised her a "Joy Ride". It was a Joy Ride that led straight to hell.

That animal will die someday but this time, that animal has to go and fast. Not to mention that in the long run, that animal will be haunted by all the ghosts of those real people that died because of crimes he committed and all of his ommissions. The country never ever had a need for an abnormal creature in that post much less the elder beast that spawned this creature. Mr. Ricky Monfort shared this article:
The vaunted Dinner in NY pales in comparison with the "Boston Flower Arrangement"
Before and during the wake and funeral of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY, it was bruited about that the Filipinos lost a mother, a woman of integrity, an icon, etcetera.
It was said that the death of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY was a great loss to the Filipino nation but it was also an opportunity to use her well talked about popularity to kick out GMA from the presidency, among other possibilities. See the rest of the article here.

Its not true that the guy wants to be President once more after six years. There is no more time left for the guy. He caused the death of an innocent young female and this West Point Academy graduate officer of the Philippine Army, Armed Forces of the Philippines to lose his legs. Even the West Point of the US itself and the parents of and the victim Army officer themselves, are forbidden up to this day to expose the real culprit of that incident where one life was to be sacrificed just because of an insane date in the middle of gun battles raging and a gentleman from West Point Military Academy had to lose his legs. That culprit has to go. If this is not one of the greatest reasons we can never solve in the Philippines, graft, corruption, lying in the face of the public such as a psychologically impaired broadcaster who killed his wife and is instead not restrained from gallivanting freely about and showing his face shamelessly over national television, no other will suffice. It is truly high time for the Pinoy people to take real action. Article Source: The omnibus blog.

So the lying, warmonger beasts believe they can get away with what they are heaping upon the Philippine public, including to some extent those that are living overseas. But that will no longer continue. The sleeping dragon awakened. Now, the balance is tipped. The greater weight in the scales of Lady Justice is now on the side of the hitherto constantly duped, fooled and bamboozled public.
From the time of the ascendancy of the forcibly installed ruthless regime up to this time, the dragon might have taken its sweet time to sleep but its waking time. And the reptile is poised to strike at the visible and known enemy. The signs are in the air as they had always been, as the writing on the wall says it will:

The criminals have to thank the Heavens that the Guillotine has been banned from use. But then again, with an awakened world movement against corruption, they will have nowhere to run nor hide. But for the dragon, the catch is, to make something like this stupendous and grand-scale chicanery never happen again, especially to the blessed Filipino people.

The criminals are well-advised, surrender, embrace jail or just plain succumb to suicide. Crime perpetrators, your ball.

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Open invitation to 2016 election candidates

In Indonesia as in many other countries around the world, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) undertakes indepth studies about political campaigns. One significant work of NDI is the Political Campaign Planning Manual shown below (click the image below to download pdf document.)

NDI is based at 455 Massachusetts Ave, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20001-2621. It has field offices in many countries around the world. See the list of field offices here.

In the Philippines, a number of centers and institutes - both private and public involve themselves in the study of political campaigns and winning in elections.

Due to the highly partisan as well as feudal-patronage system-based politics and political campaigns in the Philippines, the more cerebral and similarly inclined approaches to drawing voters often does not apply in this country.

However, even given the same kind of structure in such countries as Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Asian countries, technologies and techniques in campaigns that do away with unsightly practices like employing guns, goons and gold also have a chance of delivering votes as evidenced by the victory of many unknowns in the stable of aspirants to significant political posts from Councilor, Congressman, Mayor, Vice Mayor, Vice Governor, Governor, among others proves that honest-to-goodness campaigns can also successfully make candidates win.

There is hope that Philippine elections will become better and that with improved performance on the part of the country's security and law enforcement sector, the regulatory agencies and other quarters that help keep the level of vigilance, peace and stability during poll time high, many desirable candidates will attain to positions where they can pursue policies and true reforms in the country.

It is hoped that this will also be true for all the other neighboring states in Asia, and those in Africa, Europe-Eurasia and the Americas, etc.

Pollmodernization.org invites political aspirants in the 2016 Philippine elections and other elections in the future to work with us and ensure ascension - installation to public office.

Technology and knowhow for winning elections will be at your fingertips. We have proven case studies, we will add your win to our portfolio.

Voters Unite! We have nothing to lose
but our chains!!!

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Vital installations downed by Glenda, threatened by more typhoons

It has been forewarned on July 13, 2014 that power utility installations will be among the physical facilities that will sustain the most damage from the tropical storm / typhoon #Rammasun or #Glenda. This kind of phenomenon will keep repeating itself over and over with the advent of more intense weather and climate disturbances in this new millennium.

Shown below is the portrait of damaged power utility facilities inside BF Homes Parañaque and Las Piñas alone:

July 17, 2014

In areas around the rest of the country and in South China (lowermost photo), the impact of Glenda on installations was staggering. (Photo credits: ANC - Yahoo; AvaxNews - Adrian Ayalin; Philippine Daily Inquirer; Straits Times; Xinhua News

July 15-18, 2014
July 19, 2014