Lunes, Marso 28, 2016

RCBC Fires Maia Dequito

Recently, RCBC fired Maia Santos Dequito and Angela Torres. Ms. Torres is crying foul and complains “harassment from RCBC top brass.”

The case of RCBC is unprecedented, but there are other scams that have gone way up higher than the world’s tallest skyscraper that went undetected. Investigators still need to uncover for instance what happened to many heritage accounts at the Central Bank of the Philippines – CBP (renamed by Tita Cory to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas thereby giving away the CBP’s license as a Bullion Bank.)

Unscrupulous officials and private individuals have been milking the heritage accounts by conning the holders and signatories of those accounts and enriching themselves by forging the signatures and misrepresenting those real holders and signatories.

The RCBC scandal is really such a miniscule affair, too insignificant were it not for the alarm bells it raised due to minor mistakes made by the perpetrators. But the moral, legal stakes and other considerations involved here are too enormous even at this early juncture. Reportedly, $850 Million were still supposed to be transferred to the Philippines, but the transaction for that amount was stopped.

For all we know, there have been several schemes of different modus operandi that were used during the time of Tita Cory Cojuangco Aquino, Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Under this regime of Aquino, how many of these kinds of scams have been successfully accomplished? We sincerely do not know. That is why we are asking.

What the RCBC scandal is not revealing to the public are details that everyone needs and deserves to know.

For instance, the referrer to Ms. Dequito of the new account applicants, Mr. Kim Wong, does not operate without the go signal of the highest authority in the land – the President of the Republic himself.

During the time of Erap, Wong and Charlie ‘Atong’ Ang ascended to great prominence along with other small time crime world operators. They had the blessings of the highest official of the Philippines. Wong got a special space at the government operated casino at the NAIA (now defunct). Charlie ‘Atong’ Ang, spouses Dante and Teresita Tan of the BW scandal and the Ping Lacson bugging device scandal, among many other Filipinos and Chinese came into very high places in society and earned oodles and oodles of both legal and dirty money from legitimate and criminal business.
Atong Ang
 Financial sponsor of a female presidentiable
Donor of 5 Billion increased to 10 Billion to a female presidentiable
Crime Lord waiting to make a comeback to Malacanang

Atong Ang held court at Malacanang and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) as if he was the chairman of the board and that the Office of the President and the DOTC were his empires. The guy is full of shit and yet he was allowed to lord it over government the way he did during Erap’s incumbency. WTF. Ang is now reported by media to be sponsoring a female presidential candidate whose survey ratings have soared into the sky after announcing a fake Supreme Court “decision.”
Earlier, it was published by an online site that RCBC can fire Dequito. Apparently, RCBC got enough sense on its own and it did fire Dequito together with her loyal sidekick, Ms. Angela Torres.

It is not necessarily a mystery why Mr. William So Go wants to exonerate himself from the scandal. Ms. Angela Torres declares that Go was the one who received millions of dollars on board an SUV and signed the receipts for the monies given to him. Go is vehemently denying everything Dequito and Torres are saying.

Billions of Peso worth of stolen money went into the hands of chinese and RCBC personnel
Mr. William So Go, former owner of S & R Shopping Centers
He denies receiving money or opening any new account for the hacked money

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