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Philippine Telcos Are Duping Filipinos, This Is How

Part 2 of a series

In our previous post, we complained that sometimes the speed of Smart Communications Internet is just plain zero, zilch - 0.

Smart Communications boasts of Internet service of 8 Mbps up to 100 Mbps shared bandwidth speed.  But this is hardly the case. Look at the results of speed tests below run by a subscriber: 

Several well meaning entities like Telecom Asia, the Asian Development Bank, Universities and Colleges, among many others, have painstakingly tried to root out the problem and ended up trying to analyze to death the cause of Smart Communications's and Globe Telecom's high pricing and excruciatingly insufferable miserable internet speed. F___g Shit!

The Ayalas of Globe Telecom, Manuel V. Pangilinan, Orlando Vea, Ramon Isberto and Napoleon Nazareno of Smart Communications thirst so much to explain to the public why their service is shit.  But they cannot even get around to doing that. How much more to improve their service?

Ayala Group may be a little ashamed of displaying Globe Telecom in their corporate ID.
Globe is conspicuously absent in above logo. They may have other reasons for doing so.
Jaime Zobel de Ayala
Fernando Zobel de Ayala

Globe Telecom is doing austerity measures at present: Hundreds and thousands of its workers will be placed on contractual hire basis, like the thousands of workers of SM Shoemart who will never get a chance to be regularized.  Globe Telecom spends 1.5 Million pesos severance pay for its regular workers that leave the regularized staff inside Globe. It will take a horrendously huge miracle for Globe to think and spend out of the box and take on the challenge of improving its service to the public.

But if the Ayalas are willing to shed off the image of thieves, they can actually do it. And Smart will be salivating with envy when gigabit fast internet from Globe goes online.

None of the feeling-very-intelligent individuals and institutions that published and relentlessly continue dishing out this and that study about why Internet is slow in the Philippines have arrived at even the least respectable guess as to how these two giant companies survived bilking the public without returning a modicum of good, fast internet service and still have not yet been killed in the process.

These ogres should have been jailed by now, were it for absent anti-trust laws and rules and regulations in the Philippines similar to the RICO in the United States and its equivalent in other honorable, conscientious societies.

Sadly, the oligarchy are the only ones that survive and live well in this country. The rest of the have-nots non-hispanic indios and non-intsik just have to suffer all the inanities and oppressive conditions of living in the abnormal Philippine society and hope that the next day, there will still be bread to live by and fare money to go work with.

On the other hand, the thieving National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) - that have no running websites now due to hackers' defacement resulting from extremely slow internet service - will not lift a finger to help or goad these two telecom giants to improve their service to the public. Much less the newly created agency of that faux pas, superlatively corrupt chief executive in Malacanang, called Information, Communications Technology Office - ICTO (short for IMPACTO).

The telcos are running a public service, for which they received a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN), but what are they doing? What are the monstrous NTC and the halimaw, kurimaw ICTO and DOST doing not rescinding their license? Por Dio Por Santo, the sinful people up there must be bashed several times to make them recover from their serious malaise.

This is an abomination.

If you observe and analyze the Smart Broadband speed test result in the screenshots shown above, you will note that the download speed of that particular Smart Internet product is around 1-2 Mbps.  But their upload speed is only a deplorably measly 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 Mbps. What kind of connection is that? What kind of happy interchange in our Internet can be experienced when you receive your data, you are supposedly getting a turtle paced crappy speed of 1-2 Mbps but when you send your data you get only a worm like, shitty inchmeal pace of only 0.2-0.4 Mbps. That is immoral!

How can you receive data at x Mbps and send at only 1/10x Mbps? What is the effective communication efficiency there or why have such an indecent network throughput measure? It is unthinkable!

Considering that Smart Communications, for instance, is billing its clients twice for the same Internet Service (you register with SURFMAX for 995 pesos one month then you re-register with BIG BYTES when, for every single day of usage, their Data limit is reached), what is the rationale for billing clients a horrendous amount of money when in Malaysia, Singapore among many other countries all around the world you get cheaper but better service, faster internet connection?

Furthermore, as if our suffering was not yet enough, why should telcos sell Data piecemeal like selling cooked rice in cup, bowl, platter, pail, drum? How stupid the strategic marketing thinkers of Smart or Globe could get just to get big money out of small idiotic pin size products! When you have internet, everything from Voice, Video, Data Transfer, Music, connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) is already free! Why retail Data? These stupid summabitches need a spanking with spades on their foreheads. 

This is blatant highway robbery, robbery in broad daylight.  And the government is just to happy to look the other way because they are benefiting from the unethical practice through gifts, rewards, bribes and other illegal forms of incentives.

Recently, the summabitches people of the crime-conniving and colluding National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) proudly announced that they are conducting tests here and everywhere on the bullshit speed of Philippine Internet Service Providers. They are finding out valuable information from the tests. The officials of NTC must be out of their frigging minds. Their own non-compliance with the rulings of the ITU, and ipso facto, no licensed telco, ISP will follow the law.

The conduct of tests do not, even in a very, very small way, help solve the problem of tormenting, agonizing, torturously slow Internet. Those crazy, moronic, greedy government officials and staff in NTC, ICTO, DOTC and their private sector hangers-on and lackeys should hang for their sufferance of corrupt bribers and conspirators that pay them off by the dozens and dozens to hundreds of millions to keep silent about the open resistance, bold disobedience of everyone in the communications industry of the rules and regulations of the International Telecommunications Union.

Why conduct tests when all the voluminous published material of the trying very hard intellectual would-be masterpieces explaining lengthily about the issue of why Internet is so full of results of tests conducted there and tests made there and tests everywhere on the speed of Internet in the Philippines. Santa Santissima!!!

NTC, ICTO, DOST, along with their favored private sector BFFs are all guilty of violating the rulings and covenants embedded in the periodic and regular Resolutions of the World Radio Conference (WRC) assemblies organized by the International Telecommunications Union.

Giving away for instance the most powerful radio frequency to just one entity alone, Liberty Telecom Holdings Inc. (formerly organized by Raymond Moreno with F. Arthur Villaraza as his lawyer, and since around mid-2000 taken over by the group of Villaraza and former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Tuason Arroyo, a distant cousin of presidential candidate Manuel A. Roxas II) is a complete slap, a very painful one at that, on the face of the International Telecommunications Union.

Atty. Canobas. A quisling of former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo
Smiling Canobas arrived at the footsteps of government a poor man. As soon
as he was about to leave the National Telecommunications Commission, for
the great, innoble act of defying the International Telecommunications Union,
he suddenly had a string of big houses, multi-million priced luxury cars and SUVs.
Such a fortunate greedy, corrupt supposed servant of the public sector

 The inimitable First Gentleman Jose Miguel "Mike" Tuason Arroyo.
Sponsor of Atty. Ruel V. Canobas to the post of Commissioner, NTC.
Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. He holds the National Telecommunications Commission,
Information, Communications Technology Office, Department of Science and Technology in his
hands and constantly twirls it between his stubby fingers. Under the regime of the dark man in
Malacanang. How in Heaven can he do that? How is the NTC Commissioner not being removed
from office when he is a chimoy of the First Gentleman? Executive Secretary Ochoa is said to be
a classmate and close friend.  So what is the modus vivendi between the regime and Mike Arroyo?

Atty. Arroyo now allegedly now owns the lion's share of San Miguel Corporation.
How the hell did he put his hands on the millions of shares of SMC?
Only God and Gloria might know.

Atty. Arroyo's presence will be felt all around the Philippines for a long, long time.
Very, very, very happy NTC Commissioner
Gamaliel Cordoba and his beloved pappy Mike

If the NTC, the ICTO, DOST will not take back their decision to completely give away the radio frequency spectrum - the 700 MHz spectrum that penetrates through everything most effectively and is the most efficient, low-cost frequency spectrum to operate, SMC will topple Globe Telecom and Smart Communications but will have a Damocles' Sword on top of San Miguel.

San Miguel Corporation will not be able to operate in peace. At present, SMC is nursing its wounds from the backing out of a sweetheart deal it had with Telstra of Australia - a former government company formed out of two public sector agencies of Australia.

A great deal of both open and underhanded tactics and strategies drove Telstra out of the SMC-Telstra joint venture.

The problem of SMC is that it does not realize that while Globe Telecom and Smart Communications are out to lose a lot if and when the SMC ISP and telecom business will go online, there are several ways to beat its primary weapon - the 700 MHz spectrum.

Technologies now exist that can cure the defects of both Globe and Smart. The only problem is that will the two giants get around to it and end the dismal state of Internet Service in the Philippines dominated by the two giant telcos?  That's the 600 million dollar question.

To be continued.

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  1. Government is silent. The private sector wants everyone to be silent. Let's all in the public make the necessary noise. Eventually these mongrel thieves will wake up and be stirred to action.

  2. Dear globe and smart:

    Either you believe in your hearts that all the poor Filipinos and foreigners are stupid or you have been made insane by your drugs and excessive wealth from stealing from us. From now on, you will need to be very, very vigilant after having made a big portion of 100 million Filipinos suffer from your thievery. You sunovabitches!!! I hope you all burn in hell!!!

  3. Mike Arroyo not Gloria should have been jailed